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Living Close to Campus

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I am not from the GTA and so before I started at York, I knew I’d have to find somewhere new to call home for the next four years.  Rather than live in a different part of the city and commute (topic of next blog post), I wanted to find accommodation as close to campus as possible.  As a mature student, I was not so keen on the traditional university residence lifestyle.  I soon found out that York offers on-campus apartment-style living, specifically for mature students!


The Benefits

walking-signYork’s mature student housing options offer:

  • Independent living with more personal space and less noise
  • Full kitchens and private bathrooms
  • Choice of furnished or unfurnished units
  • On-site daycare

I especially love the fact that I can be in any of my classes within 10 minutes of stepping out the door!


The Buildings

There are 3 different mature student housing complexes at York:

Passy Gardens

  • Building #44 on your campus map
  • Townhouse-style living, with courtyards and balconies
  • Bachelor and 1 bedroom units, furnished

Assiniboine Apartments

  • Buildings #45-48 on your campus map
  • 4 high rise-style buildings
  • Bachelor, 1 and 2 bedrooms units, furnished and unfurnished

Atkinson Apartments

For more information or to apply for tenancy, visit York’s Housing Service website.


The Village

Another popular option for housing is “The Village” – a neighbourhood located just south of the Keele campus.  Many of these privately-owned houses have been converted into “rooming houses” by property owners who rent to York University students.  It is important to note that The Village is off-campus and York University has no ownership or legal jurisdiction within this community.  Please refer to the article About “The Village” from Student Housing.  I would like to highlight the following tips for off-campus housing found in this article:

  • Know your rights
  • Ensure your living quarters are safe and secure and meet fire standards
  • Know your neighbours
  • Know your responsibilities (noise, cleanliness, garbage, etc.)
  • Attend to your own personal safety, including locking your doors
  • Make use of York’s Campus Shuttle (where available) or the TTC
  • Program Emergency Services 911 and York Emergency 416.736.5333 on your cell phone
  • Read the article,  Good Neighbours Guide for Student Tenants


Whether you live on-campus or nearby in The Village, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the benefits of more frequent trips to the university and avoiding the commute!

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